Get rid of slippery bra straps!

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Almost every woman has to deal with it now and then, and for most of them, it is without a doubt a real frustration: slippery bra straps. Straps often get slippery during the summer. The warmth makes you sweat more, and the straps become a bit more slippery than usual. As a result, your straps seem to play peek-a-boo with your clothing. That looks awkward and sometimes even a bit sloppy. In any case, it does not leave the impression that you would like to make!

Tightening your bra straps is a possibility, but it is not the best way. The straps can cut into your skin, which is painful and uncomfortable. It also can result in ugly welts and in some cases it can even lead to (mild) back pain.

The best option is finding special tape or bearers that keep straps in place, without cutting into your skin. These are for sale in most lingerie shops. Just place the bearers or tape below the straps and they will keep your straps in place and at the same time protect your shoulders against welts. If you want, you can still tighten the straps a bit.

Of course, straps or bearers will be of no use if you don’t get the right bra size. Therefore, always find out first what size you are wearing. You can measure this yourself. Also: try on a bra before you buy it and see if it fits well. Size isn’t everything: sometimes it is better to try something on. Take your time, you will certainly benefit from it!