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Large breasts deserve the right support!

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An incorrect posture can change your whole appearance. In some cases, it is just about walking upright. However, in some cases, your body might not want cooperate. In these cases, an alternative solution should be found. The latter is mostly the case for women with large breasts. They tend to bend over a bit, because their breasts are pulling them forward. That is not only detrimental to your appearance, but it can also have a bad effect on your back. The solution? A great bra that offers exactly the support that you need.

For large breasts, a bra that fits is a real must. Bra’s that are made especially for large breasts often are a bit more solid, they have extra thick straps that do not cut into your shoulders, and they help to walk upright. This decreases the risk of back, shoulder and neck pain. It also decreases the risk of intertrigo, an inflammation of the body folds below the breasts.

A good, supportive bra can be found in a specialized store. Prices are often a little higher than in the local clothing shop, but you can be sure of great advice and an even better bra that lasts quite a while. Do you need new bras? Don’t just get the same size as before, but try them on before you buy; your body changes all the time, and your bra size might have changed too. Taking the time to find out your (new) size is certainly worth the effort.


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